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Some secrets just scream to be told. The characters in this play are constrained and disconnected in their own realities and unable to share their life-shattering secrets with those they love. Ecology, cancer, and lack of commitment – even the purpose of life – are themes that are developed with skill and humour as six characters work their way through a difficult afternoon. Matthews’ writing is reminiscent of Shaw’s biting wit and word-play, and of Raza’s depth of feeling.

The play will be produced in London’s West End at the Tristan Bates Theatre, and is scheduled to open for one month at the end of January, 2018.


About the Author

Alexander Matthews was born in the United States, schooled in England and Canada, and now lives and writes in England. His passion for human rights and ecology informs this play as it does much of his writing. An academic and a philosopher, he has taught at various universities, including Princeton and Exeter. A Diagram of Definition, on the philosophy of language, was published in 1997, and his writings include stories, poems and two other plays, Glass Roots and Do you love this Planet?

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