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Lindsay Fischer on Anna Karenina

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Lindsay Fischer on Anna Karenina

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Lindsay Fischer is an ideal guide to Anna Karenina, the new ballet by John Neumeier. He takes us through each scene, helping us to see the details that add meaning to the dancing and motivation to the characters. His articulate and passionate response to the ballet enlivens our own connection with it. The result is a deeper, richer and more meaningful experience of Anna Karenina

When it comes to this ballet, Fischer’s position is unique. Anna is a remarkable co-production amongst the Hamburg Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada. Before the ballet opened in Hamburg, Fischer and his colleagues were at the rehearsals. Again, they joined Neumeier and his team as they taught the production to dancers of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. It has been Fischer’s responsibility to teach large parts of the ballet and to oversee the process of staging it in Toronto in preparation for Neumeier’s input. Not merely an informed admirer of the ballet, Fischer knows the practical details that result in a successful production.

Anna is a complicated ballet. Neumeier has developed a series of imaginative scenes that skilfully convey the essence of this complex story. Every minute is charged with meaning; every gesture with significance.

Anna Karenina is one of twelve ballets to be discussed in the forthcoming book, Lindsay Fischer on Ballet.

About the Author

Lindsay Fischer has long been an important presence in the National Ballet of Canada. He first came to Toronto from New York in 1974 to study at the company’s Ballet School. After graduating, he became Principal Dancer with the Dutch National Ballet, and then with the New York City Ballet.

When he was no longer performing, Fischer taught at Canada’s National Ballet School, and from there, joined the National Ballet of Canada itself, overseeing the staging of ballets by almost every notable choreographer. He has had to think deeply about every aspect of each ballet, and to convey his understanding to the dancers so they incorporate both skill and insight into their dancing.

Fischer has built up an apprentice program that attracts top young dancers, ensuring that the National Ballet will continue to have a brilliant talent pool to draw on. He is Artistic Director of YOU dance, a group that performs for young audiences, ensuring not only that the company will have dancers but also that the dancers will have an audience. 

Fischer’s ability to enhance the experience of any ballet performance has made him a popular pre-ballet speaker. This book is an expanded version of such a talk.

Praise for Lindsay Fischer

Helpful and heartfelt. Lindsay has done such an amazing job staging this complex work for the stage and his personal insights are remarkable.
— Karen Kain, C.C. Artistic Director of The National Ballet of Canada

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  • Published: December 6, 2018

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