Coming Home Alone tells of a young man’s journey home from World War II. He was the brilliant, athletic idol of his town who must recover the ability to love after the damages of war. It is set in the now-lost world of small-town Ontario. 


About the Author

Brian Metcalfe is a Torontonian who, as a young man, worked as a deckhand on an oil tanker, as an assembly-line worker in a German steel factory, and as a teacher in Uganda before obtaining a Ph.D. in English Literature. He left academic life for a career as a chartered accountant, but maintained his love of the arts — painting, and writing poetry, plays and fiction. He is married and has two children and two grandchildren.


“Coming Home Alone is both a gripping account of a man’s recovery from despair and a threnody for a vanished way of life.” —Tim Nau

“I think this is a wonderful book. Those of you who would expect the history of Ontario to be bland and boring — forget it. Brian Metcalfe describes small-town life in the Ontario of the ’40s and ’50s with a refreshing and intuitive understanding…. It takes an intelligent, provocative look at a world long gone.” —an Amazon reviewer

“Metcalfe’s book is a love poem to small town Ontario. A delightful read!” —D.V. Edwards

“Superbly written with all the elements of an excellent plot.” —Dianne Vanstone

“A rich, comic novel, an astute social history, and a passionate psychological study of the cost of war to those who must fight and to those at home.” —Erica Riggs