Canada Book Award Winner: Allan Royal

Congratulations to Allan Royal, winner of the Canada Book Award for his fictional memoir, 736 Dominion Isn’t There Anymore.

Fiction-Royal-736 DominionIsn'tThere Anymore.JPG

About the Book

Set in the Little Burgundy area of Montreal in the ’40s and ’50s, we follow young Benjamin Flicker’s rather bumpy, often hilarious, and always delightful journey from boyhood to puberty. Through compelling vignettes, Benjamin, the youngest sibling in a large Catholic family, contemplates his world of big brothers, nuns, trusted sidekicks, and the persuasive power of girls.


About Allan

For over 50 years, Montréal-native Allan Royal has been an actor, writer, theatre director and film producer in the Canadian art world. Paying homage to his humble yet cherished beginnings in Little Burgundy, Allan offers what he knows about the love that shaped him in the giving and taking and weaves this knowledge into a fiction that seems so real you’ll feel it happened to you. This is the first book in a planned trilogy, each focusing on a different stage of Benjamin's life. 736 Dominion Isn't There Anymore is also the basis of Allan's one-man show, The Tales of Benjamin Flicker (2019) that follows the development of his young fictional hero and muse.

The Canada Book Awards program recognizes and promotes Canadian books for their creative achievement and contribution to the world. The award program recognizes the timelessness of a book’s merit whether the book is new or older. Winners are posted on the Canada Book Award website in recognition of their outstanding accomplishment and contribution to the publishing world. Their dedication, expression and passion are an inspiration for all of us.