Brian Metcalfe is back with his second novel: The Canadian Consul

When it comes to human emotions, political opposites do attract.

This is the story of Monique Duhamel who, through the patronage of her father, became the Canadian consul in New York - a fact he’ll never let her forget. Monique has devoted the last five years to her job and her art gallery. But at age fifty, her carefully-laid life has left little time for anything else, including her husband in Toronto. So when Monique encounters an American congressman from the mid-west at a social event, their opposite personalities and political identities spark a mutual attraction that just might shake things up. As she pursues a complex relationship with the congressman, Monique Duhamel will have to figure out what she truly desires, while balancing issues with her career, her distant husband and her ageing father.

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Brian Metcalfe is a Torontonian who, as a young man, worked as a deckhand on an oil tanker, as an assembly-line worker in a German steel factory, and as a teacher in Uganda before obtaining a Ph.D. in English Literature. After leaving academia for a career as a chartered accountant, he has returned to fiction, now as an author. His first novel, Coming Home Alone, explored the return to ordinary, small-town Ontario life of a WWII war hero. He lives in Toronto with his wife and has two children and two grandchildren.