A Boy, a Castle and a Dog

This is the title of the next book Inglewood Press is publishing. It is a heartwarming and true story for children about a lonely child growing up as a refugee after World War II. The first page is  a letter to the reader by author Zvi Mann:

Dear Reader,

I want to tell you a story, a story about how I once lived in a real castle and how I met a wonderful dog that became my best friend. Before I can do that, though, I must tell you about my very early life, when I was a little child. It was very unusual, yes, but many children still experience the kind of hardships my family and I did.

I’m sure you know that in today’s world people do not always stay in the place they were born. Sometimes they move to another country far away. Sometimes it happens that they leave their home in search of a better life. Sometimes they are forced to leave their home and must flee in order to save their lives. Maybe you have met children who have had this experience. Maybe people in your family have gone through hard times. Maybe even you yourself have had such difficulties. I hope you will enjoy my story.

Zvi Mann