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Inglewood Press was launched in 2016 with the publication of Neil Cole's comic (and cosmic) extravaganza, the novel God For A DayThis was followed by Coming Home Alone by Brian Metcalfe, a novel that has been called a love song to small-town Ontario. Inspired by my father, a WW II veteran, the story is of a young man returning home to a town based on St. Thomas, trying to get his life together after the dislocation of war. Screaming Secretsa play by Alexander Matthews, dealing with family relationships and ecology (!) was next. Sandy attended Trinity College with me, and now makes his home in Britain. 

I hope to use Inglewood Press as a platform to encourage new writing, and to facilitate the development of creative ideas of artists of all kinds. As well as book launches, the Press will be sponsoring a series of events. The first was the talk by Susan Brind Morrow, author of the beautiful The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts. Plans are being developed to publish the first solo recording of the brilliant young pianist, Alexey Pudinov. 

Other books in the works include a children's book based on the true experiences of an Israeli author, Zvi Mann; a book about ballet by the National Ballet's Ballet Master, Lindsay Fischer; and a new novel by Brian Metcalfe.

Kathleen Metcalfe, Publisher