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736 Dominion Isn't There Anymore

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736 Dominion Isn't There Anymore

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736 Dominion Isn’t There Anymore is a fictional memoir set in the Little Burgundy area of Montreal in the '40s and '50s of a boy, Benjamin Flicker, in a large Roman Catholic family. The love in his family is contrasted with the strict Roman Catholic education the dyslexic young boy was given. The book covers a period of time from the age of five, when he had to deal with his father’s death, through boyhood as he bonded with best friends, to the beginning of puberty when he discovered girls.



About the Author

From simple yet cherished beginnings in the Little Burgundy area of Montreal, Allan Royal has moved out into the Canadian arts world in many dimensions. Over a period of fifty-odd years Allan has been an actor, writer, theatre director and film producer. He has performed in over 100 theatre productions across Canada. His list of acting credits spans the spectrum from musicals to Shakespeare. Suits, Star Trek: Voyager, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles , Murdoch Mysteries and Night Heat are among his many TV credits. He was co-founder of Open Circle Theatre in Toronto. He has spent the past number of years writing and has had some of his poetry published. He wrote and directed his own film, The Stem, and most recently his writing has taken him back into the theatre with his one-man shows.  The Disappearing Act played at the Roddy McCorly in Belfast N. Ireland, then in Toronto in 2011.

Allan is embarking on a trilogy of one-man shows that follows the development of his fictional character, Benjamin Flicker. The first of the three is based on this book.

Praise for Allan Royal

The journey from head-to-heart-to-pen is a challenging one. Allan Royal has made that journey and we are the better for it. The result is this wonderful collection of short stories. Well done.
— Ralph Benmergui, author, broadcaster and spiritual director
Mr. Royal took me on a visceral and emotional journey that made me laugh and broke my heart.
— Linda Chandler, advertising executive and writer
I believe readers will be moved and jarred and eager to read more...
— Lorne Frohman, Emmy Award-nominated writer and director

Details & Specs

  • Format: Paperback

  • Dimensions: 137 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.4 in

  • Published: April 25, 2019

  • Publisher: Inglewood Press

  • Language: English

  • ISBN - 13: 9780994986191


Allan Royal performs a dramatic rendition of "Spelling Bee" — a chapter from his book, 736 Dominion Isn't There Anymore — as his character, Benjamin Flicker.